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• Amazon announced this morning that beginning today “and for a limited time, all Amazon customers can enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase amount on orders that will arrive in time for the Christmas holiday. This offer applies to hundreds of millions of items – the largest free shipping selection in the country. Plus, tens of millions of Prime members can shop with Free Same-Day Delivery, now available on more than three million items – the largest same-day selection in the U.S. including the best gifts like toys and electronics, as well as home, fashion and everything you need to enjoy the holidays.”

TechSpot reports that Amazon plans to begin offering a new shipping option that “will let Prime members set a specific day that they'd like a given week's deliveries to arrive on … For example, if you bought a bag of cat food, a few computer components, and a bag of Doritos during the week, you may be able to schedule all of those deliveries to arrive over the weekend.”

There are, the story points out, “quite a few scenarios where that sort of shipping control could be helpful. If you have an important package arriving during the week, but you work during the day and won't be around to receive it, this new option should help. Similarly, if you're a regular victim of package theft -- perhaps you live in a crowded apartment complex -- ensuring your purchases will only arrive when you or a family member are around could alleviate some stress.”

This option won’t replace any of the existing options, but rather will just be a supplement that Amazon believes will hold some appeal.
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