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The New York Times reports on how hundreds of US companies - including Walmart, Tyson, and Levi Strauss - “have signed on to the Make Time to Vote initiative. They are easing the path in various ways, including giving employees paid time off to vote on Nov. 6. Walmart’s participation is notable because the retailer is the largest private employer in the United States, with 1.5 million staff.”

Patagonia, as noted here on MNB in the past, actually is closing its stores today so its staff can vote.

The story notes that “they are acting largely because a jumble of state laws and the lack of a national holiday will make voting a challenge for many workers.
United States federal law designates the first Tuesday of November for national elections, which is an inconvenience to many people because it falls on a workday.”
KC's View:
I think I’ve said this before. The US ought to adopt a national system in which voting begins at 12:01 am EST on a Saturday and runs until 11:59 pm on a Sunday, so that everybody in the country has the same 48 hours in which to vote. It would encourage voter participation, as opposed to limit it.