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• The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that sports-apparel company Under Armour has instituted a new corporate policy - employees no longer can charge visits to strip clubs to the company credit card.

The story notes that it was common for employees to take athletes and co-workers to such clubs and pay for their entertainment. It was part of a company culture in which “some top male executives violated company policy by behaving inappropriately with female subordinates … Women were invited to an annual company event based on their attractiveness to appeal to male guests.”

These occurrences, the story says, “were symptomatic of practices women at Under Armour found demeaning.”

Gee. Y’think? This stuff is utterly stupid and juvenile, but the idea that in 2018 a company has to make clear that it no longer is going to pay for it strikes me as almost unbelievable. The story makes clear that Under Armour’s corporate culture was pretty toxic for women, and that they still have a long way to go; I think every company needs to make sure that it is not enabling such behavior. If they don’t, and they get roasted, they deserve what they get.
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