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CNBC has a story saying that Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson wants to “apply the lessons” the company has learned in China to its operations in the US.

Key to this approach, the story says, is Starbucks’ alliance with Alibaba.

“Aimed at expanding Starbucks delivery services to more Chinese cities, the alliance essentially integrates the Starbucks app into Alibaba's digital networks,” the story says. ‘For customers, that means delivered Starbucks items mimic in-store quality thanks to re-engineered packaging and spill-proof lids, Johnson said.

“Going forward, the company is going to leverage the delivery practices it's picked up in China and ‘apply them to other parts of the world, including the U.S.,’ the CEO said.”
KC's View:
I’m fascinated by the degree to which Starbucks, the original “third place” company, seems to be focused on delivery as the next great step in its evolution. I suppose it is necessary … though it is hard to imagine that it is more convenient than a coffee pot.