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Bloomberg has a story about how a new survey of online grocery shoppers showed that they preferred Walmart’s site to Amazon’s.

The survey showed that local grocers, “fueled in part by logistics provider Instacart,” came in third.

According to the story, “The survey, from researcher Retail Feedback Group, also found that online food shoppers are more willing to purchase perishable items like produce, meat and seafood, categories that many shoppers still prefer to select in a store in order to get the best quality. Those concerns have held back the adoption of online food shopping in the U.S., which trails Britain and South Korea.”
KC's View:
My feeling is that this is just a snapshot … though I suspect that the approval expressed for Walmart may have a lot to do with the connections that it can make between its online services and its ubiquitous bricks-and-mortar stores, which has to be seen as a competitive advantage.

It is still early days here. And I guarantee that the folks at Amazon are neither surprised nor alarmed by Walmart’s efforts, mostly because they continue to be customer-focused in a laser-like way.