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TechCrunch reports that meal kit company Blue Apron plans to lay off four percent of its workforce, with CEO Brad Dickerson saying that he believes this will allow the company to be profitable next year.

“We are taking decisive actions to prioritize our highest-impact opportunities and build a stronger, sustainable business,” he says, adding, ““We expect this focus to create a more efficient business, as well as increase key customer metrics, including order rate and revenue per customer. We believe this strategic focus will have a meaningful and positive impact on our current and future customers and deliver value to our shareholders.”

In another executive move, Blue Apron said that Chief Marketing Officer Jared Cluff has left the company, “though he was not technically laid off.”

Blue Apron says the layoff-related savings should be about $16 million next year.
KC's View:
This may work, but I keep thinking about the old saw, “You can’t cut your way to prosperity.” Blue Apron is more likely to succeed long term with better meals and better accessibility.