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Yesterday’s story about how gene-edited products may soon find their way onto store shelves prompted me to comment:

Seems to me that if ‘gene editing’ is different from ‘genetic modification,’ science and business will have to work together to explain how and why … and make a compelling case for why consumers do not need to be concerned. I’m not arguing for or against the technology - just that one of the biggest mistakes science and business could make would be to underestimate the degree to which they need to educate consumers.

One MNB reader responded:

Kev, another mistake they might make is to underestimate the degree to which consumers get their information and data from social media which tends to range from accurate reporting to absolute misinformation and everything in between. Just look at the numbers of climate change deniers etc.

We took note the other day of the passing of Roy Clark, prompting MNB reader Gary Harris to write:

A sobering introspective hit of his was “Yesterday, When I Was Young.”

Man, does it ring differently today than when I first heard it almost half a century ago. It was originally a French song recorded by Charles Aznavour, also recently deceased, with English lyrics written by Herbert Kretzmer, who also wrote the English lyrics to “Les Miserables.”

Sobering indeed.
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