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TechCrunch reports that Walmart is testing same-day delivery of groceries from one of its stores in China, enabling local shoppers to order from a list of some 8,000 SKUs via mobile app and get them delivered, sometimes within an hour.

There also is the ability to reorder products from home that have been bought in-store via Walmart’s Scan and Go technology.

According to the story, “The service is accessed through a mini-program within WeChat - the Tencent-owned messaging platform Walmart partnered with earlier this year in order to better reach its Chinese customers. The retailer hasn’t made a formal announcement about the same-day grocery delivery because the service is being tested while Walmart collects customer feedback. However, there is signage in the store that informs customers about the option.”
KC's View:
The part of this that really intrigues me is the way that different components of the shopping experience are being integrated … the idea that I can reorder from home based on previous in-store activity makes a lot of sense.

The next step, I believe, will be for someone to integrate automatic replenishment into the experience.