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The New Yorker has a story about the unintended consequences of extra attention…

An excerpt:

“The promise of an extraordinary hamburger can lead a person to do extraordinary things. Culinary literature—from cookbooks to magazine spreads to travel guides—is chockablock with instructions for making, seeking out, and strategizing the consumption of the supreme patty, the ideal garnish, the perfect bun, and the exquisite gestalt of the meat sandwich entire. With all of this, burgers lend themselves beautifully to list-making: the most expensive, the most elaborate, the most nostalgic. And, of course, the emperor of lists: the best burger.”

One such burger was “Nick’s” cheeseburger, with grilled onions, and served at Stanich’s, described as “a small, family-owned sports bar in Portland, Oregon.” Stanich’s had been in business for seven decades, and then, in 2016, it made the “best burger” list on

Seven months later, Stanich’s was out of business.

You can read the story here.
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