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by Kevin Coupe

The New York Times has a lovely little story about a new pop-up store in New York City where people can go in and buy stuff (sleeping bags, blankets, solar lamps and onesies, for example … all of which is then shipped to “refugees in faraway camps.”

According to the story, “The store, Choose Love, is a New York offshoot of a successful pop-up that was created by the nonprofit group Help Refugees and made its debut in London last winter. Help Refugees was founded in 2015 to deliver donations to refugees in Calais, France, where displaced people from Syria, Afghanistan, parts of Africa and elsewhere struggling with violence were trying to make their way to Britain. The charity now distributes items to and serves more than 80 projects in Croatia, France, Greece, Iraq and Turkey, among other places.”

Last year, the Times writes, “the London store and its online equivalent raised nearly $1 million, which helped provide refugees with 800,000 meals, accommodations for 3,556 nights, 25,000 winter items for adults, and 100,000 essential items for babies and children, including 77,000 packages of diapers, according to Choose Love.”

An Eye-Opening example of what is possible when people think less about themselves and more about people who actually need help.
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