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TechCrunch reports that Walgreen has signed a deal with FedEx that will allow customers “to get prescriptions delivered to their home as quickly as the next day. Customers will get a text notification when prescriptions are filled and can opt to get them sent to their home or pick them in one of the company’s locations via an Express pickup line.”

What this means is that Walgreen is “stepping up its services to compete with both established pharmacies and newcomers in the space. Walgreens’ chief competitor (and top U.S. chain) CVS struck a partnership with the U.S. Postal Service early this year. Like Walgreens Express, CVS’ offering runs $4.99 for a delivery, with a one- to two-day turnaround time.

“Amazon, meanwhile, acquired pharmacy startup PillPack over the summer, with plans to disrupt the drugstore business with online prescription shipping.”

Walgreen already offers same-day delivery in cities such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Gainesville, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, with plans to expand the list next year.
KC's View:
It is fascinating to watch all the deals and alliances being struck, almost every day. It was just two days ago that Kroger announced it would start putting mini-Kroger sections in Walgreen stores.

Everybody is maneuvering around the game board, trying to figure out to advance past or leap-frog the competition, all the while knowing that the bar constantly gets moved because ]everybody else is trying to do the same thing.