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Hi, this is FaceTime with the Content Guy, and I’m Kevin Coupe … and today, I’m going to indulge in a bit of an Andy Rooney rant.

(To younger members of the MNB community who may not know who Andy Rooney is … please keep it to yourself and just look it up online. Knowing that a large percentage of the MNB audience never has heard or seen Andy Rooney just makes me feel old.)

I’m recording this while standing in the parking lot of the Whole Foods that is just around the corner from my home in Connecticut. I can’t tell you how many times I walk through this lot and pass the spaces reserved for people with electric cards or hybrids - offering them plus that can be used to charge up their cards - and the cars that are parked there not only aren’t plugged in, but aren’t even electric or hybrid cars.

If you drive a hybrid, that may be okay, since you do have a gas engine to keep you on the road. But if you have an all-electric car, you may need that juice to get home, but no, it may not be available because somebody decided not to play by the rules.

It isn’t just the spaces reserved for electric cars and hybrids. There is a line of spaces in this same lot reserved for people driving fuel efficient cars … and more often than not, the cars parked there are anything but. There’s also a line of spaces reserved for cars in which more than one person is riding … and I see single people get out and into them all the time.

I mean, really?

Would these same people park in a handicapped spot if they weren’t? Or park in a space for pregnant people if they weren’t? Or drive in the carpool lane if by themselves? Or make a right turn on red even if there were a “no turn on red” sign?

Maybe they would … but that’s the problem with the world these days … or at least one of them.

I’m not always a rule follower, but it seems to me that these rules are in place to make the world better place. They maintain order, and civility, and suggest a world in which people’s best instincts take precedence, not their baser, selfish instincts.

I’m sure I’m going to get emails from people who will say, “If I’m going to shop at Whole Foods and pay those prices, I’ll park any damn place I want.” Since Whole Foods seems to have neither a carrot nor a stick to enforce these rules, I guess they can.

But that doesn’t make them right. In my book, it makes them flat wrong.

Andy Rooney once wrote, “Happiness depends more on how life strikes you than on what happens.” That’s how this strikes me … it makes me happy to tell you what’s on my mind this morning … and, as always, I want to hear what is on your mind.

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