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The Wall Street Journal has an excellent piece about how “a consumer backlash against disposable plastic plus new government mandates and bans in places such as zoos and department stores have the world’s biggest bottled-water makers scrambling to find alternatives.”

This is a turn of events working against the trends of the recent past - bottled water sales are up, largely driven by single-serve plastic bottles.

But, “images of bottles overflowing landfills and threatening sea life have soured consumers. Plastic drink bottles are the third most common type of item found washed up on shorelines - behind cigarette butts and food wrappers - according to the Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit.”

As companies, institutions and governments of various sizes start banning plastic bottles, it means that the companies that have been depending on them for much of their growth have to find a way to make a better bottle.

Which isn’t easy. And you can read all about it here.
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