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Got the following email from MNB reader Steve Baus:

I thought the ‘Your Views’ comment from a reader about Amazon Go formats at airports that took a shot at Hudson News was probably misdirected.

While I have no connection to airport retail or Hudson News, I can tell you that the percentage of sales $ vendors pay to get placed in publicly owned sports stadiums is shockingly high.  I would suspect its the same at airports so do not be surprised when an Amazon Go store shows up your local airport, substantially lower prices do not.

On another subject, from MNB reader Jerome Schindler:

In regard to people who park non-electric cars in electric car spaces, non-fuel efficient cars in fuel-efficient car spaces, and in carpool-only spaces even while driving all by themselves, my prediction is that the demographics would correlate well with those that also are responsible for the plastic straws, bags, bottles etc. that are polluting our environment (and perhaps those that cheat on their taxes).

That litter didn't get there by itself - it took the multitude of seemingly ever increasing inconsiderate slobs.

If I disagreed with a private company's parking lot restrictions I would just choose not to shop there.

I think it is important to remember that Whole Foods’ approach in its parking lots is pretty consistent with its value proposition and cultural ethics. It is anything but dissonant.

And, from MNB reader Bryan Silbermann:

Regarding your comments on millennials being open buying furniture online: as retirees we bought our new mattress from Tuft & Needle 2 years ago and at the same time our new linens from Brooklinen. These were the least painful bedding shopping experiences ever. Even better, the products are the most comfortable ever.

Go back to buying these items in a store? Wouldn’t dream of it.

Not the first time Bryan has waxed rhapsodic here about this experience … just click here for more.
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