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by Kevin Coupe

Troubled bookseller Barnes & Noble is out with a new ad suggesting that its employees are “the all-knowing book lovers who can help you find the best gifts for everyone you need to shop for this year,” AdWeek writes.

In the end, the story says, “the campaign aims to get people to brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble stores to do their shopping rather than purely online. That way, the brand highlights, shoppers can benefit from speaking with an expert—not relying on an algorithm to find a gift for a friend or family member.”

The problem, of course, is that too many Barnes & Noble stores are like mausoleums … not a lot going on, and not really offering a lot of reasons to visit.

Hell, as reported recently, when Barnes & Noble came out with its annual list of 20 top holiday gift ideas, there was only one book.

Watch the video, and judge for yourself. Is it an accurate depiction of the chain’s value proposition? Or just wishful thinking?

I know how I vote.
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