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The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is out with a pre-release of its 2019 study called Power of Health and Well-being in Food Retail, concluding that retailers have an important and expanding role in helping their shoppers pursue healthier lifestyles.

Among the study’s conclusions:

• “Consumers have new wellness expectations from food retailers. This represents an opportunity for retailers to further advance their efforts to engage shoppers.”

• “Consumers broadly eye food as ‘medicine’ to boost health. However, the details play out differently by consumer demographics, including with different generations.”

• “Consumers believe in the health and social benefits of eating meals at home with family.”

• “Shoppers exhibit strong opinions about food labels, health, and transparency.”

• “Consumers are increasing their requirements for transparency, both for ingredients within packages and information about sourcing, animal welfare, and other factors that go beyond ingredients.”

• “Consumers trust guidance from retail dietitians and other health professionals.”

• “Consumer feedback indicates that retailers have a big role to play in advancing total-store wellness strategies, both in bricks and mortar and online.”
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