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GeekWire reports that the Washington Post has launched a new promotion - “readers who sign up for an annual digital subscription to the Post will receive a free Echo Dot. It’s called a $50 value, which is normally the price of the latest Alexa-enabled device.”

The Post, of course, is owned by Amazon founder-CEO Jeff Bezos in a personal investment. But this is more than just cross-merchandising.

“The hook for news and newspaper lovers is that Post content such as headlines, breaking news alerts and a variety of podcasts can be accessed by simply speaking to Alexa.” The Post, like other major newspapers, is investing more and more in alternative media, featuring videos and podcasts that go beyond traditional news reporting. And this isn’t the first time that there has been cross-pollination between Amazon and the Post, which has made subscriptions available on Amazon’s Kindle, for example.

GeekWire notes that “it does seem like a bit of squishy relationship since the Post newsroom no doubt tries to objectively cover Amazon and the wide variety of news the company makes — most recently with the announcement of Amazon’s nearby Northern Virginia outpost.”
KC's View:
I read the Post every morning, and I think they do a pretty aggressive job covering Amazon … and I’m confident that editor Martin Baron is resolute in not allowing corporate ownership to interfere with the news-gathering function. Baron, after all, is the editor who helped expose the Catholic Church’s moral and ethical malfeasance in Boston … I don’t think he’s worried about Jeff Bezos.