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The Tampa Bay Times reports that in 2019, Publix Super Markets has plans to “up its game” in several areas, and is “well aware of the changing desires of shoppers as it heavily advertises its partnership with grocery delivery service Instacart and attempts to reach more foodies with its new GreenWise Market concept.”

According to the story, “Publix recently filed plans with the City of Tampa's zoning board to create an "Instacart staging room" and event-planning office inside the Britton Plaza store in South Tampa. It's unclear if formalized staging areas are in the works at other stores, but Publix is definitely investing and experimenting with its delivery offerings.”

Publix’s GreenWise expansion, the story says, seems to be a response to the fact that “shoppers are … being drawn to more niche specialty stores. Lucky's Market, with grocer giant Kroger's backing, has been expanding across Florida at a higher rate than any other chain in the category.”
KC's View:
Interesting that Publix is going to put in an Instacart staging area. I think it makes a lot of sense to create open staging areas that give in-store customers a sense of how the process works and what is available. I’m not sure, though, that branding it as Instacart is helpful in the long term … it continues to be an unfortunate trend, retailers essentially outsourcing a critical part of the customer experience to a third party in a way that may not be sustainable long-term.