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• Amazon is now shipping the new Echo Auto. Finally. And selectively.

TechCrunch reports that Amazon announced the Echo Auto - a portable device designed to bring the Alexa system into a user’s automobile - last September, but until recently only has been accepting requests from shoppers to be invited to buy one. A few people were able to order theirs in time for Christmas, but Amazon has only now begun shipping the item t=o some of the more than a million people who asked to be invited to buy it. And, for the moment, the Echo Auto is still invitation-only on Amazon’s site.

Count me among the people waiting to be invited to buy one. This is one of those items that I’m totally into … after all, we have Alexa is virtually every room of the house, and there are plenty of times when I’m in the car that I’d like to be able to ask it something. In fact, I may order two - it’d be nice to be able to throw one into my carry-on and bring it with me on trips.
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