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The Baseball Hall of Fame announced its 2019 inductees yesterday, and Mariano Rivera, the career leader in saves, became the first player ever elected unanimously to the Hall.

Also elected were two other pitchers, Roy Halladay (who died in a 2017 plane crash) and Mike Mussina, as well as Edgar Martinez, the longtime Seattle Mariners designated hitter. Also elected, by a smaller veterans committee, were designated hitter Harold Baines and reliever Lee Smith.
KC's View:
Nobody is going to argue with Mariano Rivera’s career or Hall of Fame credentials. But I must admit that I have a problem that he somehow managed to be the first player ever elected unanimously. Not Ted Williams or Joe DiMaggio. Not Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays or Sandy Koufax. Not Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig. Not Jackie Robinson. Not Stan Musial. Or any one of dozens of legendary players.

Give me a break.

Rivera was a great player and competitor - the best closer of all time. From all reports, he is a good man and role model. I’m glad when people like him get recognition, and happy that the Hall of Fame continues to reject players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons that have been tainted by the steroids scandal.

But the first one to be elected unanimously? Hard to accept that one.