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The Axios/Harris poll that evaluates and ranks the reputations of the most visible companies in the United States. is out, and Wegmans is at the top of the list, supplanting Amazon, which has slipped to number two.

The balance of the top 10 spots are taken up by, in order, Patagonia, LL Bean, Disney, Publix, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and Sony.

Other retailers on the list include Home Depot (#12), Costco (#18), Lowe’s (#20), Kroger (#21), Aldi (#23), Ikea (#26), Best Buy (#34), Walgreens (#40), Nordstrom (#46), CVS (#48), and Starbucks (#59).
KC's View:
Y’think the folks at Wegmans ever get tired of always being ranked so high in virtually every survey or study where its name comes up?