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by Kevin Coupe

I had a remarkable experience yesterday. It was a new one for me, though I suppose it is possible that some MNB readers have had precisely the same experience.

I’m in Chicago, at the Food on Demand conference, and yesterday morning I needed to get downtown from the house where I’m staying. So I did what I always do in such situations - I used my Lyft mobile application to request a car.

The app informed me that my Lyft car would be along in a few minutes … and then, seconds later, I got the most extraordinary text, which you can see at left.

I was informed via text that my driver was either deaf or hard of hearing, and provided with a link to the Lyft site where I could quickly learn how to use sign language to say “hello” and “thank you.”

Which I did.

The driver showed up, got me downtown, and seemed appreciative that I tried to use sign language to say “hello” and “thank you.”

I think this is so cool, and I’m really glad that this driver was sent to pick me up, because it made me feel good about Lyft and the human condition in general.

People spend a lot of time these days worrying about those who are different from them, and wondering why everybody can’t be just like them. In this case, Lyft acknowledged the situation, and did a little something to create a bridge and establish a bond, if only for a moment.

We all could learn from such an Eye-Opening approach.

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