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Salad chain Sweetgreen, which to this point has only accepted credit and debit cards, has decided that from now on it also will take the other kind of green - actual legal tender.

The New York Times frames the decision this way:

“Critics say cashless stores discriminate against people without access to bank accounts or credit cards, or who simply prefer to pay with cash. Some have also raised concerns about privacy and data security. Philadelphia and the state of New Jersey passed laws banning cashless stores last month, and New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington are considering similar bills.

“Sweetgreen was at the forefront of the cashless trend when it announced in 2016 that it would accept only credit and debit cards. At the time, it said eliminating cash would make transactions faster, easier and safer for customers and employees.”

But now, the company says that it was not its intention to exclude people who did not have cards or preferred to use cash. In a statement, Sweetgreen said that “ultimately, we have realized that while being cashless has advantages, today it is not the right solution to fulfill our mission.”
KC's View:
This is going to be an evolution that may take more time than I would’ve thought … even Amazon Go is said to be preparing to adopt an option that can accept cash. But I’m not sure this is a long-term strategy, but rathe just reflective of short-term resistance to change.