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In the UK, the Sun reports that Tesco is urging the government to impose a two percent sales tax on online purchases, which it said would raise the equivalent of close to $2 billion (US), which would then allow for a tax cut for bricks-and-mortar, or “High Street,” businesses.

The story notes that “Tesco would pay the new sales duty – but chief exec Dave Lewis argues the tax would ‘level the playing field’ by also asking pure online rivals such as Amazon to cough up.”
KC's View:
I’m completely on board with the idea that e-commerce companies and their shoppers ought to pay the same taxes as everybody else … there was a time that this may not have made sense, but we’re long past that now. But I’m not sure it follows that e-commerce ought to essentially subsidize bricks-and-mortar stores that might be competitive otherwise.

You’d think that folks in the UK would have better things to do. Like figuring out how to resolve the Brexit mess. Or how to get Piers Morgan to shut up. And maybe get Boris Johnson a haircut. You know, important stuff.