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MarketWatch reports that in the UK, Sainsbury “plans to compete head-on with Amazon by selling third-party products and services.” CEO Mike Coupe (no relation to the Content Guy, as far as we know) said yesterday that “the business would look for growth by expanding into wholesale, and using Sainsbury’s online platforms to host products, it doesn’t sell, for third-party partners.”

Coupe told MarketWatch: “If a customer uses what will be a universal search function to find a birthday cake on our site we might also list a range of related products. If, for instance, we didn’t sell balloons we could use our distribution network to deliver them and take payment for a partner, or offer other options.”

The move comes just days after UK regulatory authorities derailed Sainsbury’s plans to merge with Walmart-owned Asda Group, saying that it would result in higher prices for consumers.

Companies like Sainsbury and Asda are seeking any and all methods of combatting German discounters Ali and Lidl, which have been expanding both their presence and market shares in the UK.
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