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Fascinating piece in Elemental that starts out this way:

“Economists recently noticed an intriguing trend in American food purchasing. Convenience stores in about 2,000 of the United States’ 3,200 or so counties saw a jump in junk food sales between 2006 and 2016. Potato chips rang up an average sales climb of 5.3% in these counties, and ice cream and cookies weren’t far behind. For stores in the other 1,200 counties, it was business as usual throughout that time period as far as calorie-bomb snacks go, according to a study from the University of Connecticut published in February.

“The researchers behind the study argue that the strangely selective geography of amped-up purchasing of packaged sugar and fat can neatly be explained in one word: munchies. The indulgent counties were all in or close to states that legalized recreational marijuana at some point during that 10-year time period, just before sales surged.”

Except that, as Elemental says, the results of other studies can be seen as “disjointed” … because there also is some evidence that use of marijuana actually can help people fend off weight gain. One of the reasons - a lot of people eat more when they are stressed, and use of pot reduces stress.

As I say, an interesting piece, and you can read it here.
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