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Content Guy’s Note: Stories in this section are, in my estimation, important and relevant to business. However, they are relegated to this slot because some MNB readers have made clear that they prefer a politics-free MNB; I can't do that because sometimes the news calls out for coverage and commentary, but at least I can make it easy for folks to skip it if they so desire.

Fox Business reports that US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has spoken with Walmart CFO Brett Biggs “regarding the next round of tariffs on Chinese goods,” and told the Walmart executive about the items that the retailer “can and cannot source.”

“We haven’t made any decision yet …” Mnuchin told the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. “We will be sensitive to consumer items that particularly affect people on fixed salaries.”

Fox writes that “Biggs told reporters they're ‘monitoring the tariff discussions and are hopeful that an agreement can be reached.’ The CFO warned that ‘increased tariffs will lead to increased prices for our customers’.”

The conversation took place in the wake of the decision by the Trump administration to raise tariffs to 25 percent from 10 percent on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods after trade talks collapsed. The increased tariffs are expected to cause price increases on a wide range of items and categories.
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