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Glossy has a story about how cosmetics retailer Sephora, in its Madrid flagship store, has partnered “with experiential innovation agency Wildbytes to offer customers personalized recommendations bridging the gap between fashion and beauty. Shoppers can now walk up to said mirrors and are suggested personalized makeup, skin-care products and fragrances, based on what they are wearing, their gender and their age. Seasonal and contextual elements, such as climate, time of day and trends are also taken into account. The products referred are meant to enforce that beauty items are the ultimate accessory for whatever a consumer might be wearing.”

The goal, according to the story, is to take a page from Amazon’s recommendation engine, except in a bricks-and-mortar environment.
KC's View:
Yet another example of how smart technology that learns and matures and responds to consumers’ needs can make a real difference and can differentiate a retailer.

This is what retail will look like tomorrow. Deal with it.