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TechCrunch reports that Amazon is shutting down AmazonSpark, a two-year-old business that it originally built to compete with social media business Instagram.

According to the TechCrunch analysis, “Amazon Spark had been a fairly bland service, if truth be told. Unlike on Instagram, where people follow their friend, interests, brands like they like, and people they find engaging or inspiring, Spark was focused on the shopping and the sale. While it tried to mock the Instagram aesthetic at times with fashion inspiration images or highly posed travel photos, it lacked Instagram’s broader appeal. Your friends weren’t there and there weren’t any Instagram Stories, for example. Everything felt too transactional.”

However, the story also notes that Amazon will use learnings from the Spark experience by blending them “into a new social-inspired product, #FoundItOnAmazon,” that will be rolled out as a new shopping discovery tool.
KC's View:
Amazon has a track record of learning from failures (like its smart phone debacle) and applying this knowledge to something that works really well (like its Alexa-based systems).

Besides, moves like these are right in character. Just read out next editorial story…