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Business Insider reports that British plant-based meat company The Meatless Farm has “secured a deal to sell its burgers at Whole Foods stores in the US. The company will also establish an office in New York to manage its expansion into the US market.”

The announcement, the story says, caused shares in Beyond Meat - a highly touted US competitor - dropped 10 percent.

The Business Insider story says that “the impact The Meatless Farm's announcement is having on Beyond shows just how sensitive the stock has become to anything that could either boost or diminish demand for plant-based ‘meat.’ For example, the company's stock gained when a shortage of Impossible Burgers reportedly hit restaurants like White Castle and Red Robin.”

Newsday reports that Stew Leonard’s is going to reward good grades.

The story says that “on Saturday, kids ages 5 to 12 who earned at least one "A" or equivalent grade can stop by Stew Leonard's in East Meadow (1897 Front St.) and Farmingdale (261 Airport Plaza) for one free, small ice cream cup or cone. If your child's school does not give letter grades, the highest mark at their school will be accepted.

“To redeem the free ice cream, kids must bring a copy of their 2018-2019 report card (digital or paper) to the store between noon and 5 p.m. Note: Toppings are not included.”

With all due respect to my friends at Stew Leonard’s, I think this is way too easy. Only one ‘A’ gets you free ice cream? What if the rest of your grades stink? I know I’m tough on this stuff, but I’d rather reward a little more consistent excellence … otherwise, we get into ‘everybody gets a trophy’ territory.
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