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MNB readers know that I’m a big fan of subscription services … and a new piece of satire inn The New Yorker suggests that the concept gas gained considerable cultural traction.

The piece offers a look at some new subscriptions available to shoppers. Three examples:

• “Plates: From the creators of Plated comes Plates—it looks like a typo, but it’s not. Our subscription service delivers plates to your home for just $15.99 a week. They’re the plates we bought for the photoshoot of the food we offer via Plated, so, fair warning, there’s a lot of Fiestaware. Once you’ve used them, you can return them; no need to load the dishwasher. Just dump a bunch of dirty plates into our box (we will not accept any other boxes) and lug them to the post office.”

• “Just CVS Receipts: The best of the CVS experience, with none of the shopping.”

• “YourStuff: We take your stuff, and then we send it back in three shipments, for just sixty dollars per week. How do we take your stuff? Facebook sold us your data. We know your address and when you’re not home. We know your mom’s Social Security number. Just subscribe. Use the code blackmail to get ten dollars off your first box of stuff that’s already yours.”

There are lots more, and you can check them out here.
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