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Nielsen is out with a study saying that “there’s a private-label outbreak, and there’s no slowing it down … store brands account for 17% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) dollar sales in physical retail stores. Private-label sales have also increased by $7.9 billion across brick-and-mortar stores in the past three years. But there’s much more to the private-label story than just what you see in physical stores.

“From Amazon’s new skin care line to’s new private-label pet food, retailer branded products are no longer a niche online. CPG private label accounts for 3% of online dollar sales, up from 1.3% two years ago, and some categories - particularly household care and baby products - are caught in the crosshairs.”

The report goes on: “Private label has emerged as the new challenger brand in e-commerce. From aluminum foil to disposable diapers, private-label options are generating a significant portion of the overall e-commerce sales within certain categories.”
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