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The New Yorker has a piece noting that “there were 1,525 newsstands in New York City at their peak, in the nineteen-fifties, selling morning and evening editions. Today, the city has a little more than three hundred.” (And a lot fewer newspapers, too.)

Among them, the story says, are 39 of something called New Stand - they carry snacks, drinks, HBBC items, even consumer electronics. But not a lot of newspapers or magazines.

The world changed, and so the retail format changed with it … and the evolution continues: “The next frontier is inside offices. New Stand plans to open little stalls in workplaces that sell healthy snacks—organic lentil salads, chia balls—along with items like dry shampoo, charcoal toothbrushes, and CBD pain sticks.”

You can read more about it here.
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