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by Kevin Coupe

Longtime MNB readers know that we’re enormous Star Trek fans here. Michael and I - and, from all the evidence, a sizable percentage of the MNB readership - love all the various series and movies, seeing in their message, to varying degrees, a parable about what humanity is capable of and, unfortunately, too rarely achieves.

Since it was announced, I’ve written here about the next new Trek series, which will be seen on the CBS All Access streaming service - “Star Trek: Picard,” focusing on Patrick Stewart’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the USS Enterprise (from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), two decades after we last saw him.

A new trailer came out the other day during ComicCon in San Diego, providing us with tantalizing new details and scenes from the series. including the presence of some old Trek friends. (And Picard has a dog. It is named Number One. Be still my heart.)

Happy to share it here, as I will down the road as we await the series’ debut (probably in early 2020).

And as I’ve said here before, I’m totally engaged.

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