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Bloomberg reports on how popular food delivery app DoorDash has had to “change the way it accounts for tips. Currently, the company guarantees a base pay for drivers that includes gratuity, meaning if customers tip more, the company pays drivers less of its own money to hit the minimum. DoorDash said it’ll revise the policy and pay drivers the entire amount of the tip for each order on top of their pay for the work, though it has yet to offer details … The change is in response to a flood of complaints from customers and multiple rounds of news coverage drawing attention to the issue since DoorDash instituted the policy in 2017.”

The story notes that “after the DoorDash fracas, Postmates Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. issued statements assuring customers they give workers the full tip in addition to any promised payments for a job.”

• The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is now allowing advertisers to use third-part tools when purchasing ads on its Fire TV platform, rather than forcing them to go through its own systems.

According to the story, “The move extends Amazon’s effort to build its ad business and signals a degree of openness in an industry that has become wary of platforms that sell their own inventory and share limited data with advertisers, known in industry parlance as a walled garden.”

It also is seen as a move by Amazon to fight the perception that it is engaged in anti-competitive behavior, which has led to the beginning of antitrust probes by the Federal Trade Commission, the US Department of Justice and the US Congress.
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