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Yahoo Finance has a good interview with Scott Moses, managing director and head of the grocery and restaurants investment banking practice at PJ Solomon, in which he talks about the difficulties that so many retailers have in competing with Amazon.

In the story, Moses - who happens to be an MNB fave - makes the point that Amazon has an enormous financial advantage - a trillion dollar market cap that is bigger than all of its competitors combined, which gives it the ability to “borrow cheaper than most countries.”

“What matters in grocery is whether you’ve got the capacity to make investments in people, in price, in technology and in growth,” Moses says … with the clear implication being that if you don’t have that ability, you need to consider your alternatives.

You can watch the piece here.
KC's View:
Watch for Scott Moses, and his canny assessment of the competitive landscape, but try not to pay too much attention to the interviewers, who frankly seem a little clueless about retail in general.