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by Kevin Coupe

Talk about a tie-in that has the potential to be out of this world.

Gizmodo has a story about how there is a real-life version of Chateau Picard, the French vineyard that is featured in “Star Trek: Picard,” the new CBS All Access series that is a follow-up to “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and will premiere early in 2020.

Chateau Picard apparently has been in business for decades, making wine in Bordeaux, France. (The fictional Chateau Picard is in France's La Barre region. C’est la vie.) But while the “Star Trek” version of the vineyard was seen in just one episode of the fourth season of “The Next Generation” (it is where Jean-Luc, played by the inestimable Patrick Stewart, went to recover from his encounter with the Borg, which resonates with fans and means absolutely nothing to anyone else), the vineyard appears to be playing a somewhat more important role in the new series.

For the real vineyard - and for CBS - this is what you call an opportunity.

Together, they are marketing a 2016 Chateau Picard Bordeaux blend that is "85% cabernet sauvignon and 15% merlot” described as “subtly smoky and spicy.” It retails for around $60.

(CBS also is marketing, for $50, a 2017 United Federation of Planets wine from Sonoma, California, that is a blend of 87% zinfandel, 12% petite sirah and 1% Syrah. This seems appropriate, since “Star Trek” foresees a planet swathed in peace and less worried about national borders than it is dedicated to scientific and cultural aspiration.)

And here’s the Eye-Opening news - it is available online, not just in Ten Forward. (Again, a reference intended to fans/geeks/Trekkers…)

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