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Morning Consult is out with a new survey saying that “adults of all ages are cutting back on drinking. Nearly half of consumers, regardless of age, have purchased non-alcoholic alternatives, and just over 4 in 10 of the drinking-age population doesn't drink, suggesting that the ‘sober curious’ trend has enough momentum to reshape parts of the alcohol industry.”

More details from the survey:

• “Forty-three percent of the drinking-age public doesn't drink: 28 percent said they used to drink but don't anymore, and 15 percent said they've never drunk alcoholic beverages.”

• “46 percent of the drinking-age population has tasted a non-alcoholic beer or cocktail. That share stays roughly similar no matter the age. Notably, those who regularly drink are more likely to have bought a non-alcoholic drink than teetotalers, suggesting there is money to be made by the growing non-alcoholic beverage industry.”

• “Desiring a healthier lifestyle (67 percent), wanting to save money (55 percent) and losing weight (44 percent) were the top reasons people have started to drink less.”

Indeed, almost one-third of drinkers said they are drinking less than a year ago … but the survey emphasizes that this does not seem to be a generational issue - the move away from alcohol seems to cut across all ages, with Baby Boomers as likely to be making changes as Millennials.
KC's View:
Not that retailers are going to have to get rid of their beer/wine/liquor sections - if they have them - but this does strike me as information worth having.