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CNBC has an interview with John Mackey, the founder and CEO of Whole Foods, in which he talks about the now two-year-old acquisition of the retailer by Amazon.


“Mackey says the past two years under Amazon have been similar to his 29-year marriage to his wife, Deborah. ‘Do I absolutely love everything about my wife? The answer is that I love about 98%,’ he says. ‘There are little things that I wish were different, but you can’t really change people … Amazon is like a marriage. Do we love absolutely everything about Amazon? No. We probably love 98%.”

“I have done this for 40 years, I am financially secure, I love Whole Foods,” he says. “I ultimately am not afraid to get fired so — not that I think they are going to fire me — but I’m not afraid of it, so that gives me a position of strength to speak truth to power when it’s necessary to do so, and I’ve done it many, many times.”
KC's View:
The truth to power that Mackey never seems to remember was that Whole Foods wasn’t exactly going great guns when Amazon acquired it. The company was in some degree of trouble, there was a lot of speculation about a number of companies being interested, and Whole Foods ought to be thrilled that it got bought by as disruptive an entity as Amazon.

Has it been entirely smooth? Of course not. But the upside strikes me as being considerable.