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• The Wall Street Journal has a story about the continued popularity of Cotton Candy grapes, “real fruit that tastes similar to the spun-sugar treat,” which came on the market about seven years ago, “forever changing the American grape landscape. Producers began immediately looking for other candy-like varieties, some of which are just now coming to market. Before that, grocers mostly carried three fairly bland versions of green, red and black grapes, varieties that have what industry breeders call a ‘sweet neutral’ taste.”

According to the story, “Produce breeders are rushing to come up with new flavors, from sweet to spicy, that will garner the same enthusiasm as Cotton Candy grapes. And produce buyers at retailers are vying to sell promising varieties before the competition.

“This month, Sam’s Club started selling what it hopes will be the next big hit: Grape Soda Grapes … Shelves at the Walmart Inc. -owned warehouse club have also featured Candy Hearts grapes, as well as grapes called Candy Snaps, Gum Drops and Moon Drops.”

Oddly enough, however, “The explosion of new flavors have done little to get children or adults to eat more grapes … Overall, U.S. per capita consumption of grapes has stayed mostly flat the last five years.”
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