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• The other day MNB featured an excerpt from “CBD Reality: A Consumer's Guide to Cannabidiol,” by my friend Dr. Russell Zwanka, who teaches food marketing at Siena College in up[state New York. (You can check it out here.)

BTW … Gallup is out with a new poll saying that one out of seven Americans use CBD-based products, with the numbers even higher among younger Americans and those who live in the western US.

I got a note from Russell that I thought was worth passing along, because it is instructive to retailers getting into - or considering an entrance into - the cannabis marketplace. His message - CBD is just the beginning.

“I was interviewing and touring THC and CBD retailers last week, “ Russell wrote, “and this is a big one: If you are a CBD only retailer, and your state legalizes THC, you had better do everything you can to obtain a THC license.  The "CBD only" stores were dead, when customers are given the option to purchase CBD and THC in the same state.  It was observational, but stark.  The THC/CBD stores were packed!”
KC's View:
In other words, CBD is just the beginning.