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Yesterday’s Eye-Opener started this way:

The Washington Post has the very definition of an Eye-Opener this morning, reporting on places where the average temperature has increased by two degrees Celsius since 1895, which “has emerged as a critical threshold for global warming. In the 2015 Paris accord, international leaders agreed that the world should act urgently to keep the Earth’s average temperature increases ‘well below’ 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2100 to avoid a host of catastrophic changes.”

The story says that an “analysis of more than a century of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration temperature data across the Lower 48 states and 3,107 counties has found that major areas are nearing or have already crossed the 2-degree Celsius mark … Today, more than 1 in 10 Americans - 34 million people - are living in rapidly heating regions, including New York City and Los Angeles. Seventy-one counties have already hit the 2-degree Celsius mark.”

I wrote that this Eye-Opening story is worth reading here, and you can even use its interactive tools to figure out where your home is on the climate change continuum.

MNB reader Christopher Cash/Dooley responded:

While the 2015 Paris Accord may have assumed catastrophic changes in the future unless human activity is dramatically altered, taking us back to an earlier age in many respects, they also surmised that even if TRILLIONS were spent to essentially force the curbing of greenhouse gases, only a fraction of a degree Celsius would be improved by 2100. Basically meaningless, as there isn’t much we humans can really do about it on this little spec in the universe. And that is only if all the countries in the world committed to their hypothetical pledges, which is highly doubtful (particularly in developing countries), as no one is going to sacrifice bettering their standard of living for a minuscule (perceived or not) impact. Fact remains though, considering that even the brightest minds consistently get wrong their predictions of the weather tomorrow, I don’t put much credence in “scientists” forecasting the possible climate almost 80 years from now.

I disagree, and am not even sure why you’d put “scientists” in quotes.

Trying to deal with climate change may require more than the human race is capable of, and more synchronicity of effort and purpose than the many peoples and nations of the world can muster, especially when some of these folks would put the word “scientists” in quotes.

But not trying … not leading … strikes me as deeply unethical and immoral. Not to mention delusional.

By the way, this morning, from the Associated Press:

“July was the hottest month measured on Earth since records began in 1880, the latest in a long line of peaks that scientists say backs up predictions for man-made climate change.

“The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday that July was 0.95 degrees Celsius (1.71 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than the 20th century average of 15.8 C (60.4 F) for the month.

“Because July is generally the warmest month on the calendar, meteorologists say this means it also set a new all-time monthly record for the past 140 years. Last month’s temperatures narrowly topped the previous July record, set in 2016, by 0.03 C (0.05 F).”

MNB reader Jackie Kirkpatrick had a thought about yesterday’s FaceTime commentary, “Hey, Bob!”…

Boy, did your message today hit home!

Many years ago I had a woman by the name of Edith McFadden train me when I first started my career as a cashier.

I remember her saying “We always say hello to our customers and we must always thank them”.  If I forgot to say “Thank you”, she would do it for me.  When the customer left, she always reminded me to ALWAYS thank the customer for shopping at our store.

All to often I shop in grocery stores and cashiers never say hello or thank me for my business….  Not good.  That should be part of training for every retailer out there!

And, from MNB reader Mike Bach, about my Ace Hardware story:

The point about differentiation surrounding quality at Ace is spot-on. With my local Ace carrying Milwaukee Tools, I have now joined their rewards program and purchased far more “$ worth*” in Milwaukee tools.
*- data masked in case my better half reads MNB tomorrow…

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