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    Published on: August 28, 2019

    First of all, Happy September! Summer is over for all practical purposes, and I know you are already starting to put your end of year plans into action. As for me, I cannot believe that in about two months I'll be celebrating MNB's 18th anniversary. (Amazing - when I started MorningNewsBeat I was 47, and I'm now just 53. Not sure how this worked out.)

    I'm writing this note - and this may be the first time I've done this in 18 years - to let you know that in recent weeks we detected a problem with the site that may have affected you. Somehow a filter crept into the system that was preventing some folks (many of them outside the US) from getting onto the site; instead they'd get an error message. The good folks at Webstop, which powers MNB, detected the problem and fixed it, for which I am grateful.

    I hope that if you were running into problems, you'll check us out again. Lots of great stuff coming up on MNB. All-new "Retail Tomorrow" podcasts, including one launching this week that features a one-on-one interview with Steve Smith, the president/CEO of LL Bean. We also have the return of "The Innovation Conversation" with Tom Furphy, all-new columns from Michael Sansolo and Kate McMahon, and, of course, MNB's usual "news in context and analysis with attitude," hand-crafted every business day.

    As always, I love hearing from you ... your take on the news and critiques of our commentaries and columns make MNB what it is. I like to write that great retail needs to be relevant and resonant, and that's my goal for MNB as well ... plus, I want it to be fun to read, with wine, food, movie, TV, theater and book reviews thrown in for good measure.

    Thanks again ... and I'll see you in the mornings.

    -Kevin Coupe
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