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NBC’s Know Your Value site has the story of Alyza Bohbot, a Minnesota entrepreneur who runs Alakef Coffee Roasters and City Girl Coffee there … with the City Girl beans sourced “from women-owned farms, and she donates part of her proceeds to pro-women coffee organizations.”

An excerpt: “As Bohbot became more educated about the coffee business, she was alarmed particularly by discrimination against women-owned coffee farms abroad. During a conference, she heard a story about a woman in war-torn Colombia whose husband was killed, leaving her to take over their coffee farm. The widow was unable to secure a loan for equipment because she was a woman.

“There isn’t much international data available on women in the coffee industry, but female coffee farm workers are often denied training and resources, leaving them unable to climb the chain or run their own business.”

I’ve mentioned City Girl here before. We have a subscription to its coffee and get a shipment once a month - we love the coffee and we love the purpose behind the company, and if I’m going to spend money on coffee, it makes me feel better of it can be on both a superior product and a superior social mission. It is about value and values.

I’m glad to see they’re getting greater exposure, and you can read the story here.
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