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The Los Angeles Dodgers last night became the first Major League Baseball team to clinch a 2019 division championship with a 7-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards.

ESPN reports that “in the divisional era (since 1969), only the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees have strung together more consecutive crowns. The Braves won 14 straight NL East titles from 1991 to 2005 (there was no postseason in the strike-shortened 1994 campaign). The Yankees were American League East champs nine years running, from 1998 through 2006.”
KC's View:
Impressive, especially during a period during which teams like the Red Sox seem to go from feast to famine, finding it difficult to string together this kind of excellence over this long a period of time.

I have only one problem with this story. Seeing the Dodgers playing the Orioles during the regular season offends my sensibilities. I know I’m hopelessly addicted to tradition in such matters, but I still think that inter-league play ought to be reserved for the post-season, in the same way that I believe that things like artificial turf, domed (as opposed to tented) stadiums, and especially the designated hitter ought to be reserved for the trash heap.

I know these seem like small matters, but I will once again quote the great Robert B. Parker: “Baseball is the most important thing that doesn’t matter.”