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The other day MNB carried a brief obit about the passing of Hans Rausing, the son of the founder of TetraPak and the company’s former CEO/chairman, at age 93.

I commented:

Unconfirmed rumors say that Rausing will be buried in a paperboard container that will keep his remains fresher longer.

Several MNB readers thought that this was in poor taste, and I apologize if they were offended.

To be honest, though, I thought it was funny. If anything, it was too easy.

As Michael Sansolo says, when someone throws you a fastball over the center of the plate, you have to take a swing.

And one other thing. When I kick … and I hope it’ll be awhile before that happens … I dearly hope people will make jokes. Lots of them. Good ones, bad ones, and even some of questionable taste.
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