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The Los Angeles Times results that Southern California members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union have “voted in favor of a new employment contract with major supermarket chains, preventing a strike that could have affected a large swath of the state.”

Approval of the new three-year contract “follows months of negotiations between the UFCW union groups and Ralphs, which is a division of Kroger Co., and Albertsons Companies, which owns Vons and Pavilions. In June, union members had voted to authorize a strike if talks failed.

“The last time there was a grocery strike in Southern California was in 2003 when nearly 60,000 workers walked off their jobs for four months. It was the largest and longest supermarket strike in U.S. history. In 2011, the union came close to striking after setting a deadline then as it did this time around, but after marathon negotiations, supermarkets and union leaders were able to reach a deal.”
KC's View:
Whew. I was worried.

Though I also was pretty sure that there wouldn’t be a strike, since it wouldn’t have been good for anyone - not retailers, not employees and not consumers.