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NBC News reports that Amazon plans to open one of its 4-Star stores in Oakbrook, Illinois, about 20 miles west of downtown Chicago.

The store, in the Oakbrook Center Mall, will feature items across a broad range of categories, all of which have been reviewed well by Amazon online shoppers and received at least four stars on the site.

Amazon 4-Star stores are currently open in New York City, Denver, Seattle and Berkeley, California.

Fast Company has a story saying that this year’s 9-11 observances occurred without any “tone-deaf tweets and posts from popular consumer brands.” Which is a change from past years, when some brands extended promotions perceived as exploiting a solemn occasion.

However, “the day wasn’t completely without incident … One noteworthy blip came from Ledo Pizza. The Annapolis, Maryland-based regional pizza chain with more than 100 locations tweeted #NeverForget with a photo of its square pizza topped with olives and pepperoni to look like the American flag. The tweet was met with quick derision, and, like the other brands in years past, Ledo deleted it and apologized.”

Derision was all that they got? They should feel lucky.
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