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by Kevin Coupe

I love my job. Really. (Good thing, because I don’t know how to do anything else.)

But … I think I’ve just identified a better one.

Texas Monthly reports that it now has an on-staff taco editor.

What a great job.

Texas Monthly writes that “José R. Ralat, a Dallas-based writer, is joining us to cover all things taco, from reviews and profiles to trends and Tex-Mex traditions … Ralat’s addition reflects our continuing commitment to covering Texas’s unique and outstanding culinary landscape. In 2013, we became the first magazine to appoint a barbecue editor, Daniel Vaughn, who’s been energetically covering our thriving smoked-meat scene ever since. As taco editor, Ralat will be a regular presence on as well as in print.”

The announcement adds that “Ralat has contributed to Texas Monthly’s food coverage for several years, including our December 2015 issue cover story, “The 120 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die.”

Now, I get that I’d probably be the wrong guy to be a taco editor. I love them, but it isn’t like I know a lot about them, or could say much more than “yum!” after having a good one.

But what really impresses me about this announcement is that Texas Monthly, looking to maintain and expand its relevance and resonance, is deep-diving in terms of staffing and expertise. A lot of print publications are dying or cutting or figuring out ways to survive.

But Texas Monthly is investing and engaging and pushing the envelope.

That’s what great retailers do. They find experts, they develop various forms of expertise, and they work it, work it, work it, developing for themselves differential advantages.

Do it right, and it is an Eye-Opener.

Don’t do it, and it could be curtains.
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