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Weighing in on the open carry debate, one MNB reader wrote:

Living in Missouri I must say how disappointed I am in our state legislature. Several years ago they passed the law that openly carry weapons is lawful. (We already had a concealed carry law on the books, which I am fine with) All that does is push retailers to enforce their own set of rules, and potentially run customers off. At the very least it puts them in a bad spot.

I own guns, so I am not a gun hater. What I am is a hater of legislators who pander for votes. Passing laws without  thinking about unintended consequences is not real forward thinking. In today's world, allowing people to carry weapons like it is the wild west will have consequences. Intended or unintended.

Responding to the Whole Foods survey concluding that millennials are willing to spend more for food, MNB reader Mark Boyer wrote:

What consumers say in response to a research questionnaire and what they actually do is too often not the same. Is sometimes better to measure actual behavior.

And from another reader:

This survey is bunk. Nobody wants to pay more especially Millennials since most don’t have money and some who are still living at home don’t pay the grocery bill. As for Organics, everyone is buying more since they are more readily available in all stores. Whole Foods / Amazon relationship has not made the chain better. If anything, it’s made us realize that the other chains have become better offering the same for less!

And, on another subject, from MNB reader Tom Murphy:

I have enjoyed reading of your BOPIS experience at Walmart and the related comments and experiences from your readers.

I was intrigued by one reader who thought that maybe the Norwalk, Connecticut, store catered more to a customer base of in-store shoppers…surmising that this might be why the poor service and obvious lack of investment in pick-up services/experiences. It reminds me of my father’s words when I was in high school sports, “if you are going to do it, do it right or don’t do it at all”. In fact, it reminds me of why I won’t drive certain American brand cars, I always figured if they couldn’t make the marks on the heater knob line up with one of the settings, it was unlikely they could do the major things right…like engineering a reliable engine! Sort of the automaker equivalent of dirty bathrooms in a grocery store!

So in short, Walmart (and other retailers), do it right, or don’t do it at all! And that is an Eye-Opener!

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